Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Few Quotes From Current Books

From TACTICS by Gregory Koukl:

"Just make sure it's your ideas that offend and not you, that your beliefs cause the dispute and not your behavior." (p31)

"I focus on being faithful, but I trust God to be effective. Some will respond, and some will not." (p37)

" 'I understand that many of you think Christians are stupid,' I said to the audience. 'Well many of them are,' I admitted. 'But many non-Christians are stupid, too, so I don't know how that helps you. What I want to do this evening is show you that Christianity is not stupid.' " (p40)

From Living The Cross Centered Life by C. J. Mahaney:

"R. C. Sproul wrote that the most perplexing question is not why there's suffering in the world, but why God tolerates us in our sinfulness." (p61)

" 'Hey, how are you?' For a number of years I've been giving a particular response to that frequent question...'Better than I deserve,' I answered." (p59)

"Our Mediator's work would be a labor of blood." (p69)

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