Monday, January 16, 2012

A multidirectional cross

Robert Peterson, in his large volume on the work of Christ called Salvation Accomplished by the Son, discusses the cross in terms of its multidirectional efficacy:
The cross, therefore, is multidirectional. Taking into account all of Scripture’s teaching, the cross is directed toward God himself (in propitiation); toward our enemies, including demons, to defeat them; toward men and women to redeem them; and toward the whole creation to deliver it from “its bondage to decay” and to bring it into “the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Rom. 8:21). Why will all of these things occur? Why will we be finally saved? Why will the Devil and evil angels not ruin the shalom of the new creation but instead be cast into the lake of fire? Why will there be a new heaven and a new earth? All of these questions have the same answer: because the Son of God died and rose again on the third day to accomplish the reconciliation of human beings, angels, and the creation itself ...
As I read this book, reviewing much I have learned and remembering much I have forgotten, I am also reveling in the much that is revealed. Studying Christ and his works will never get old and will always be beneficial.

I'm encouraged as I read this excerpt, being enlightened of the all-encompassing and all-achieving power of the cross. Considering Christ as the Reconciler; I behold his greatness in propitiating a just and holy God; defeating death, demons, the devil and sin; freeing mankind from bondage; and delivering this universe from the futile plight it finds itself in.

Let 2012 be a gospel-centered, cross-centered, and Christ-centered year in which we continue to pursue deeper thoughts and stronger affections resulting in good works, all which glorify our great God.

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