Saturday, December 5, 2009

Michael Horton interview

You can visit Ligonier Ministries and take a look at their blog. They have recently blogged four posts that share an interview that Burk Parsons conducted with Michael Horton. Horton is the author of Christless Christianity and The Gospel-Driven Life. Here is a question and answer if found interesting:

If you could have a one-hour discussion with any living person in the world today, who would it be?
Pope Benedict XVI. He's a very interesting theologian whom I've quoted in my book on justification in the covenant and eschatology series. I interact extensively with Pope Benedict; it's amazing--he really is the best theologian the Papacy has seen since I don't know when, and he loves covenant theology. He has read a lot of the same authors Reformed theologians have read, and he even comes to the conclusion: I can see how the Reformation happened; I can see how the Reformers made the conclusions they did.

Well, thank you, Pope Benedict, too bad it's now been five hundred years, but what is your conclusion from all that? If you say you agree with the exegesis, does dogma trump exegesis? It would be very enjoyable to have a conversation with him, not adversarial but to ask him some questions. I just endorsed a book Scott Hahn wrote on the Pope's biblical theology. By "biblical theology," I don't necessarily mean that it's biblically accurate! Biblical theology is a sub-discipline that follows the development of a doctrine or biblical motif from Genesis to Revelation. Pope Benedict does a lot of that and even when I disagree (quite often!), it's serious and well-argued.

Read the interview in its entirety here:
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