Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One liners from Chapter 5

From chapter 5 of The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit (Burroughs, Jeremiah. The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit: Delivered in a Treatise on Numbers 14:24. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1995. Print.):

He is worthy to receive the highest honor that any of His creatures can by any means give unto Him.

If we had a thousand souls, and they were all of ten thousand times larger extent than they are, yet there would be infinite reason that they should all, in their full latitude, extent, and strength, follow after our God, to honor, magnify and worship this God forever.

Consider that God might have had full glory in your destruction.

How much better is it for you that He should have the fullness of glory in His mercy to you than the fullness of it in His judgments on you?

There is a blessed connection between mercy and truth in the good that God's people enjoy.

God has a greater propriety in, and right to, whatever you are and have than you do; but God is pleased to let it be called yours that you may freely give it to Him.

The more increase there is of Christ's government in the soul, the more full it is and the more peace will be there.

The sweet and blessed comfort that fully following the Lord brings at death is enough to recompense all the trouble and hardship that we meet with in our way while we are following Him.

The grace of God's spirit oftentimes appears most, in the glory of it, when death approaches, because grace and glory are then about to meet.

The soul that followed God fully here, when it comes to depart out of the body only changes the place, not the company.

How full is the work of many men's spirits in their seeking after some poor, little, scant good in this world?

It was once a speech of Anslem: "If a man should serve God zealously here a thousand years, yet he would not thereby deservedly merit one half-day in heaven."

The knowledge of all truths concerning heaven and hell, or any other thing that can be known, can never raise, can never enlarge the hearts of men so after the Lord as the knowledge of God Himself.

Christians should, at the first entrance into God's ways, expect the utmost difficulties.

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