Monday, July 12, 2010

How Satan tries to darken the Christian's mind

In The Glory of Christ, John Owen discusses how Satan tries to darken and distort the mind's clear sight of the glory of Christ:

1) "With some, Satan arouses fears, doubts, arguments, uncertainties and various worries and troubles, so that believers find it difficult to maintain comforting views of Christ or his glory." In this first group, Satan uses anxiety, fear, and despair to mar their vision of Christ and his glory.

2) "Satan deceives others into false assurance by which they promise peace to themselves, and so live in a vague presumption that they will be saved by Christ even though they have no idea how." Satan uses this attack to deceive people in the world into an apathetic stupor in which they have no clear vision of Christ's glory.

God help us to neither fall into false fears nor accept apathetic attitudes. Let us pursue, in the strength of the Holy Spirit, a clear apprehension of the glory of Christ.

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