Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick lesson in productvity

In The Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter gives us an insight into godly productivity; a tidbit of wisdom to help us to what we are called to do. In speaking of the work of catechizing his congregation, Baxter confesses,
I was long convinced of it, but my apprehensions of the difficulties were too great, and my apprehensions of the duty too small., and so I was long hindered from the performance of it.
I think we often react to jobs and work in a similar way. One, we exaggerate the difficulties until the chore looks overwhelming. Second, we downplay the importance of the work, downgrading it from essential, to necessary, to optional. Thirdly, we don't do it.

A precious word of wisdom to take heed of from one of the Puritan eras great pastors. Let's evaluate the work with wisdom and honesty, and then get to it in the grace of God.

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