Monday, April 23, 2012

Victory never comes cheaply

Royce Gordon Gruenler, in his contributed chapter to the book The Glory of the Atonement entitled Atonement in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts, admonishes the reader in his concluding remarks with this:
It is a striking fact that while the fundamental atoning work of Christ was accomplished once for all in his faithful keeping of the law, both moral and sacrificial, he has nonetheless called us to partnership in fulfilling what is lacking in his atoning work ... Christ's atoning work continues in the world through evangelism and mission proclamation as the Holy Spirit continues to apply it to repentant sinners and to struggling and growing churches. It is fitting, therefore, to end our study by noting that the book of Acts ends with Paul faithfully proclaiming Christ and the kingdom in Rome (28:30-31), as a prisoner who continued to suffer as a witness to Christ until his execution under Nero. This reminds us that victory over apparent defeat never comes cheaply-not for the Son of God in his atoning ministry, not for us in our responsibility to proclaim the gospel of atonement in his name.
This is an encouragement to me to proclaim the gospel and to persevere irrespective of what trials our tribulations God may allow us to encounter. Take heart today.

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