Saturday, June 16, 2012

Theology Breakfast

We have begun a little something here in London, Ontario that we like to refer to as Theology Breakfast. Here is an excerpt from an earlier email that was sent out to determine if their was the will and desire for this sort of thing:

We call this idea Theology Breakfast. Simply, we want to set up an opportunity for Christian men with a love of theology to gather together for mutual enjoyment and edification. We want to network and strengthen relationships with brothers from around the city. This will not be a large gathering as we are looking at 12-20 people. Included in this email are both pastors and laymen from 8 different churches in London and the surrounding area. included are men ranging in age from 20s through 70s who belong to at least 5 different denominations.
It turns out there were a bunch of guys interested in this and we have had two get-togethers to fellowship over a shared meal and discuss theological ideas and issues. The first TB had 15 guys attend and the second 13. In TB1 I gave the talk and covered two topics. The first, a rationale for doing what we were doing and the second, a discussion of the book God With Us by K. Scott Oliphint. The presentation was well received and the general consensus was an appreciation for this event and gratitude for each persons participation.

In TB2, which went down yesterday morning, author and blogger extraordinaire Aaron Armstrong gave an excellent talk on the nature of God and contending for our faith. This talk clearly generated some thinking which overflowed into some lively and helpful conversation. As I paused during the morning for reflection, I was encouraged by a sense of gratefulness for these men and for God's giftings in these men and their desire to know Him and make Him known.

I look forward to more time spent around God this morning with a bunch of men. I am excited to be speaking at a men's breakfast at West London Alliance, a church around the corner. I'm enjoying being part of God's work as He raises up godly men to glorify His name.

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