Monday, March 25, 2013

God as depicted by Scripture

From Institutes of the Christian Religion 4.12.1:
How shall we reply to the Heavenly Judge when he calls us to account? Let us envisage for ourselves that Judge, not as our minds naturally imagine him, but as he is depicted for us in Scripture:
  • by whose brightness the stars are darkened (Job 3:9);
  • by whose strength the mountains are melted;
  • by whose wrath the earth is shaken (cf. Job 9:5-6);
  • whose wisdom catches the wise in their craftiness (Job 5:13);
  • beside whose purity all things are defiled(Job 25:5);
  • whose righteousness not even the angels can bear (cf. Job 4:18);
  • who makes not the guilty man innocent (cf. Job 9:20);
  • whose vengeance when once kindled penetrates to the depths of hell (Deut. 32:22; cf. Job 26:6).

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