Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Thanksgiving Poem

This poem was handed to me a church member on her way out the doors this Sunday past.


Thank You for Your healing touch
Thank You for Your mercy that I need so much
Thank You that You love me so
Thank You that You'll never let me go
Thank You that You're always near
Thank You that my prayer You'll hear
Thank You that I'm Yours today
forever, now, and for always
Thank You for the joy You bring
Thank You for the presence of my King
Thank You for true freedom's song
Thank You Father, that to You I belong
Thank you for the power that you bring
to live for You through everything
Thank You even for sorrow and pain
For it is through these things I truly gain
A deeper understanding, and a close walk with You
My God, my Lord, my very life
Thank You for just being You
And thank You Lord for one final thing
The privilege and pleasure of bringing glory to my King
The One all-deserving and worthy of my praise
Who up out of the pit of sin my life You did raise
But thank You most of all for Jesus, who gave and still gives
My light and my salvation, and Who in my heart does live
Does live to forgive and pardon, and set this captive free
From every form of bondage and doubt every pain and misery
Who heals the heart that's broken, speaks peace in the troubling storm
Who promises to never leave his child helpless and forlorn
And best of all the promises, when I call upon Your name
The gates of Heaven open, and life is never the same
For Your presence transcends everything of this world's estate
And I await and relish the promises of one day walking through the gates
To stand before and meet again, the One Who is the Gate
To see my blessed saviour and Friend, then forever face to face

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