Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What you think of Christ is everything

From Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon: The Fellowship of the Gospel and The Supremacy of Christ (Preaching the Word) by R. Kent Hughes:

What you think of Christ, your conception of him, is everything.

If you believe in Jesus Christ, that he is eternal, without beginning and without end, that he always was continuing; if you believe that he is Creator of everything, every cosmic speck across trillions of light-years of trackless space, the Creator of the textures and shapes and colors that daily dazzle your eyes;

if you believe that he is the sustainer of all creation, the force that is presently holding the atoms of your body, your town, this universe together, and that without him all would dissolve;

if you believe that he is the mystery, the incarnate reconciler who will one day reconcile the universe and redeem humanity to himself;

if you believe that he is the lover of your soul, who loves you with a love bounded only by his infinitude;

then, despite the fact that life will be full of trouble, nothing much will go wrong.

Your vision of Christ will quicken and shape your life. What you believe about Christ makes all the difference in the world now and in eternity. (line breaks mine)

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