Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ten duties of a godly man

From Thomas Watson's A Godly Man's Picture:

There are ten duties that God calls for, which a godly man will conscientiously perform, and indeed these duties may serve as so many other characteristics and touchstones to test our godliness by:

1. A godly man will often be calling his heart to account -

He takes the candle of the Word and searches his innermost being.

2. A godly man is much in private prayer -

He keeps his hours for private devotion.

3. A godly man is diligent in his calling -

He takes care to provide for his family.

4. A godly man sets bounds to himself in things lawful -

He is moderate in matters of recreation and diet.

5. A godly man is careful about moral righteousness -

He makes conscience of equity as well as piety.

6. A godly man will forgive those who have wronged -

A gracious spirit passes by affronts, forgets injuries.

7. A godly man lays to heart the miseries of the church -

Such a spiritual sympathy exists among Christians.

8. A godly man is content with his present condition -

If provisions get low, his heart is tempered to his condition.

9. A godly man is fruitful in good works -

A good man feeds the hungry, clothes the naked.

10. A godly man will suffer persecution -

He will be married to Christ, though he settles no other estate on him, than the cross.

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