Friday, May 15, 2015


In chapter nine of Prayer Keller lists his twelve touchstones. Jude posted on the twelve as a whole below. The touchstone that grabbed me the most was the first one. Keller opens by stating that,

"Prayer should be done regularly, persistently, resolutely, and tenaciously at least daily, whether we feel like it or not."

He further quotes Peter T. Forsyth as writing,
"The worst sin is prayerlessness. Overt sin . . .  or the glaring inconsistencies which often surprise us in Christian people are the effect of this, or its punishment. . . . Not to want to pray, then, is the sin behind sin."
I think this hit me like it did because I was just thinking how bad I've been at this lately. Life gets busy and it seems like the first things to get pushed aside for me are those associated with reading and prayer. Then I wonder why I'm struggling with things that shouldn't normally be an issue.

I hope that we can all treat prayer with the seriousness that it deserves!

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  1. Sin behind sin ... ugh! I, too, find myself dropping prayer when things get busy or just when I shouldn't be dropping prayer!