Friday, March 20, 2009

Quotes from Stott's 'Your Mind Matters'

“The Christian doctrine of revelation, far from making the human mind unnecessary, actually makes it indispensable and assigns to it its proper place. God has revealed himself in words to minds.” (18)

“As John Owen expressed it, ‘that good which the mind cannot discover, the will cannot choose, nor the affections cleave unto’.” (32)

“Gresham Machen expressed this matter admirably in his book The Christian Faith in the Modern World: ‘There must be the mysterious work of the Spirit of God in the new birth,’ he wrote. ‘Without that, all our arguments are quite useless. But because argument is insufficient, it does not follow that it is unnecessary’.” (40)

“We shall argue with his mind and plead with his heart, in order to move his will, and we shall put our trust in the Holy Spirit throughout.” (41)

This was an enjoyable 'booklet' and I hope it was a good intro to tackling Moreland's book Love God With All Your Mind.

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