Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of sufficient weight

From an article that appeared in the nation's capital's newspaper we read this quote: "Although 80 per cent of Canadians think "proper tolerance" is given to those who wish to practise religions other than Christianity, fully four in 10 don't think Christians are given those same allowances by other faiths."

This is something that I always believed to be true but I found it quite interesting that 40% of Canadians saw things this way. I like John M. Frame's take on this in The Doctrine of God. He writes that "...while society becomes more tolerant of these things [spiritualities and superstitions], it becomes less tolerant of biblical Christianity...both those who idealize secularity and those who promote other spiritualities agree on rejecting the God of Scripture. Only He is of sufficient weight for them to recognize as their enemy. So they are eager to shut him out of the cultural dialogue, to replace him with almost any alternative." (2)

He indeed is 'of sufficient weight'. You can't trifle with Him or juggle the concept of him along with so many other worldviews. He is unlike any other. This leads me to an article by Michael Coren from this past Easter weekend.

Coren begins with a somewhat confrontational introduction: "What I particularly love about Easter is the joy it brings to all those tired old atheist hacks who can sell articles to newspapers explaining why Easter isn't Easter, Jesus wasn't Jesus and Cadbury Creme Eggs are all some sort of Christian conspiracy to cause obesity and heart disease." He then discusses some of the arguments that try to explain away Christianity; cultural Christianity's pat sins, eternal punishment, suffering. And it seems, by looking at the comments following the article, that God is still 'of sufficient weight' to cause quite a commotion which is not unexpected by Coren. You can read the whole article here.

Note that what began with a confrontation ends with a challenge: "In the final analysis I, they and the arguments do not matter. What does is what Easter means to you. The day will come when it will be too late to make the correct decision. Final, over, done. Right now could be the time to think and act. Good Lord, the time to pray and commit." But as I suggested, the comment section is mostly void of any discussion of this challenge, but it is full of people for whom God is far from benign. Rather, He causes them consternation because He is 'of sufficient weight'.

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