Friday, April 17, 2009

A bit of reading for a lazy afternoon!

Here is a Reading Guide from Monergism:

Christianity is not about knowing a lot of things. It is
about deeply knowing the one true God in order that
your whole person may be conformed into His image:
· Basic Christianity | John Stott
· Bible Overview | Steve Levy
· Christian Beliefs | Wayne Grudem
· Christian Life | Sinclair Ferguson
· Concise Theology | J. I. Packer
· God’s Big Picture | Vaughan Roberts
· Truth for All Time | John Calvin

Grow deeper in the knowledge of God by studying
how the Gospel trains us in every area of life:
· Attributes of God | Arthur Pink
· Church History in Plain Language | Bruce Shelley
· Finally Alive | John Piper
· Holiness of God | R. C. Sproul
· In Christ Alone | Sinclair Ferguson
· Just Do Something | Kevin DeYoung
· Knowing God | J. I. Packer
· Knowing Scripture | R. C. Sproul
· Living the Cross Centered Life | C. J. Mahaney
· Prayer and the Knowledge of God | Goldsworthy
· Putting Amazing Back Into Grace | Michael Horton
· Seeing with New Eyes | David Powlison
· Today’s Gospel | Walter Chantry
· Whatever Happened to The Gospel of Grace? | James M. Boice
· When Grace Comes Home | Terry L. Johnson

Some things God has revealed about himself are difficult
to understand. Careful study of these works will
be greatly rewarding:
· Chosen for Life | Sam Storms
· Christless Christianity | Michael Horton
· Courage to Be Protestant | David Wells
· Desiring God | John Piper
· Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God | D. A. Carson
· Doctrine of the Knowledge of God | John Frame
· Systematic Theology | Wayne Grudem

Following Christ’s example, believers have always
labored to bless the generations which would come
after them. These are some of the finest fruits of
that labor:
· Bondage of the Will | Martin Luther
· Bruised Reed | Richard Sibbes
· Christian in Complete Armor | William Gurnall
· Confessions | St. Augustine
· Crook in the Lot | Thomas Boston
· Freedom of the Will | Jonathan Edwards
· Institutes of the Christian Religion | John Calvin
· Mortification of Sin | John Owen
· Religious Affections | Jonathan Edwards

Strengthen the young minds under your care early
with gospel-centered resources:
· Big Truths for Little Kids | Susan & Richie Hunt
· Jesus Storybook Bible | Sally Lloyd-Jones
· Training Hearts, Teaching Minds | Starr Meade

Not a secondary matter, sharing the good news is
a necessary part of believing the good news:
· Always Ready | Greg Bahnsen
· Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God | J.I. Packer
· Gospel and Personal Evangelism | Mark Dever
· Let the Nations Be Glad | John Piper
· Reason for God | Tim Keller
· Tell the Truth | Will Metzger

Like having a scholar read the Bible with you,
study Bibles provide insightful notes and clarifying
articles along the way:
· ESV Study Bible | Crossway
· NIV Spirit of the Reformation | Zondervan
· Reformation Study Bible (ESV) | P & R

Easy to find answers to all your Bible-related
questions. These reference tools put historical
and literal-grammatical details at your fingertips
and make topical studies a breeze:
· Commentary on the N.T. use of the O.T. | G. K. Beale & D. A. Carson
· Introduction to the Old Testament | Tremper Longman & Raymond Dillard
· Introduction to the New Testament | D. A. Carson & Douglas Moo
· New Dictionary of Biblical Theology | T. Desmond Alexander & Brian Rosner

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