Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sam Storms' problems with the Arminian view of election

In Chapter Two of his book Chosen For Life, Storms addresses the Arminian view of election by describing, in a fair manner, their view on election followed by some problems he has with it.

He briefly list 5 potential problems:
  1. If one denies prevenient grace, as some Arminians do, it means that fallen humans are both willing and able to believe in Christ apart from regenerating grace
  2. Prevenient grace is not found in Scripture
  3. The Arminian view, in Storms' opinion, gives man something to boast about
  4. The view in discussion suspends God's work on man's will
  5. Claiming God's election is based on His foreknowledge proves nothing since God foreknows all things; there remains to be seen how man comes to put his faith in God
Storms also produces what I believe to be an excellent question for the Arminian:
"The question, then, is this: If God truly desires for all to be saved in the way the Arminian contends, and if he knows what it is in the means of persuasion contained in the gospel that brings people to say yes, why doesn't he orchestrate the presentation of the gospel in such a way that it will succeed in persuading all people to believe? The point is this: Surely the God who perfectly knows every human heart is capable of creating a world in which the gospel would prove successful in every case. And if God desires for all to be saved in the way the Arminian contends, why didn't He bring every one of them to salvation?"(Chosen For Life, 31)

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