Saturday, March 27, 2010

O my! O my!

At Peter Cockrell's blog Already Not Yet, I came across this post. As I am an English teacher who has to read works of fiction that are part of my student's curriculum, I appreciate finding Christ and theology in the works that we are studying. This is a good example by Peter on just such a thing.

Among other things (serious masters reading), when enjoying a break from ministry here in Rwanda, I’m reading Kenneth Graham’s ‘Wind in the Willows.’ I love the colourful descriptions of the country-side and close friendships.

One line caught my attention near the beginning of the book, and literally took my breath away. Mole is unpacking a picnic basket, filled with all kinds of, previously un-experienced, morsels and delicacies. In shear delight he exclaims, “‘O my! O my!’ at each fresh revelation.”

It struck me that this is exactly the kind of fitting response of the believer, who, upon opening the word of God is struck over and over again with fresh revelations of the Saviour. I don’t think we begin to worship worthily until revelation of God and the gospel of Christ causes us to gasp a fresh, ‘O my! O my!’ or some such spontaneous ejaculation of praise.

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