Friday, May 21, 2010

CJ Mahaney on "Christian Therapy"

Well as Jude pointed out in a recent post, I "used" to post on this blog!

I have resolved on several occasions to "get back into" the habit of blogging, I do find it helpful, valuable, and certainly a worthwhile discipline. So here I go again.

I am planning to blog over the next week or so, a 6 part series I recently created for the youth ministry at our church called: "Don't be a Statistic". It links real statistics about Christians in general, and more specifically Christian teenagers to a sermon by Jonathan Edwards in his compilation called "To the Rising Generation".

The point of the series is to challenge my youth to pursue God whole-heartidely now in a generation that has a "sin now, repent later" mentality.

Anyway, the point of this post is to vocalize my intent to get back into this habit and to invite feedback about the series as I post on it.

I also wanted to share a youtube clip I really enjoyed. The background music is distracting and I wish it wasn't there, but CJ's talking about the danger of worldly phycology that is going on in the church... I love this man:

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