Saturday, May 15, 2010

Edwards on Election

Make God the peculiar object of your praises. The doctrine shows what great reason you have to do so. If God so values you, sets so much by you, has bestowed greater mercy upon you than on all the ungodly in the world, is it too little a requital for you to make God the peculiar object of your praise and thankfulness? If God so distinguishes you with his mercies, you ought to distinguish yourself in his praises. You should make it your great care and study how to glorify that God who has been so peculiarly merciful to you. And this, rather, because there was nothing peculiar in you differing from any other person that moved God to deal thus peculiarly by you: you were just as unworthy to set by as thousands of others that are not regarded of God, and are cast away by him forever as worthless and filthy.

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