Wednesday, January 12, 2011

15 biblical reasons for fasting

In Pleasures Evermore, Sam Storms provides 15 biblical reasons for fasting:
  1. Fasting was practiced to avert God's judgment and displeasure against His people.
  2. The people of God often fasted in preparation for war, with a view to seeking God's protection and blessing.
  3. Fasting was one way of seeking God's help for deliverance from personal troubles and oppression.
  4. Fasting was often an expression of sincere and heartfelt repentance from sin and humility before God.
  5. Fasting also signified or expressed mourning, sorrow, deep grief, and sadness.
  6. Ezra fasted as part of his request that God provide him with a safe journey.
  7. Fasting is a way of expressing one's concern for the success of God's work.
  8. Fasting serves to humble and rebuke us as it reveals how much of our happiness depends on the external pleasures of eating.
  9. Fasting teaches us self-control and self-discipline.
  10. Fasting is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.
  11. Fasting opens our spiritual ears to discern God's voice.
  12. Fasting sharpens and intensifies our intercessory prayers.
  13. To fast is to worship.
  14. Fasting can be an expression of our generosity and compassion toward those in need.
  15. Fasting is feasting!

The book provides much commentary, Scripture references, and explanation which is too extensive for this post.

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