Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your Conversion

And have you not reason to praise God for YOUR CONVERSION?

Oh, what a wonder of sovereign grace that ever you were brought out of nature's
darkness into God's marvelous light!

That, ever divine power drew you,
and divine love chose you,
and divine blood cleansed you,
and a divine righteousness was imputed to you!

That, ever you did hear the voice of Jesus,
when lying in your blood,
cast out to the loathing of yourself,
saying to you,

And that then He washed you,
and clothed you,
and decked you with
and put a fair chain on your neck,
a crown and a mitre on your head,
and you became lovely through His loveliness put upon you—a king and a priest unto God!

Praise, oh, praise Him loudly for that happy day when,
having betrothed you in eternity,
He savingly drew you to Himself,
and you became His.

Can you recall the memory of that blissful hour, and not make the desert ring with your loudest, sweetest praise?

From Octavius Winslow's Consider Jesus, line breaks mine)

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