Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Importance of Conversation

Conversations about differing beliefs matter. The firestorm of internet activity that has erupted from Rob Bell's newest book, Love Wins, is proving why such conversations are important. A little piece from a recent essay by Al Mohler explains why:

We are talking about two rival understandings of the Gospel here — two very different understandings of theology, Gospel, Bible, doctrine, and the totality of the Christian faith. Both sides in this controversy understand what is at stake.
A conversation has finally opened up between the Protestant Liberal Emergent Churches and mainline Evangelicals. Took long enough!

I'm happy to see the willingness of some Emergent figures, such as Brian Mclaren, in joining the discussion and laying out all his cards. I can only hope that the conversations will continue! To get up to date with the discussion between Mohler and Mclaren just follow the links.

For the initial review of Love Wins by Al Mohler click here
For Mclaren's essay in response click here
For Mohler's response to Mclaren click here

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