Monday, May 9, 2011

Beale and Trueman: “Scripture: God Speaks”

I have listened to the messages from several Clarus conferences and they have all been excellent. I have not listened to these, but I'm guessing they will also be great. I found this at Between Two Worlds:
Trent Hunter:

Clarus is Latin for clear, bright, or radiant. From April 29-May 1, believers from Albuquerque, NM, and the surrounding Southwest region gathered at Desert Springs Church for Clarus ‘11, a Regional Conference of The Gospel Coalition.

This year’s theme, “Scripture: God Speaks,” focused our attention on the subject of the Bible, God’s Word written. Our speakers, G.K. Beale and Carl Trueman, both professors at Westminster Theological Seminary, approached this theme from a variety of angles: what Scripture says about itself, how Christians have understood the nature of Scripture throughout history, the effects of meditating on Scripture, the need to defend Scripture, how the Scriptures persevere us in suffering, how Jesus fulfilled Scripture, why and how Scripture is meant to be preached, and how Scripture shapes Christian marriage.

In addition to a panel discussion led by Ryan Kelly, both men spoke a total of four times. For those who couldn’t join us, video will be available in the weeks to come, and audio is available now:

G.K. Beale

Carl Trueman

  • Like Sheep without a Shepherd” (Mark 6:30-44)
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