Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Fickle Heart

I have begun to read a book on suffering by Michael Horton called A Place for Weakness. Interestingly, I received this book free because I joined Tim Challies' Friends of the Blog. It is a great way to support a solid blog and receive a bunch of swag. Anyways, here is a quote from Horton's book that I find very convicting. I have the fickle heart that the author describes in this excerpt. I'm praying God will replace a fickle heart with a resolute one as I continue on my journey.
But precisely because life is both tragedy and comedy, it is more apparent to us than ever that our hearts are fickle. When life goes well, we wonder how it could be better ("Sure, the manna is okay, but can he give us meat?"). When things head south, we challenge God's fatherly care ("Did he bring us into this desert to die?").

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  1. I'm enjoying reading this book too. And finding my heart is also fickle (I never enjoy that). The quote you use hearkens back to Jeremiah Burroughs and the contentment issues that are still part of my journey...