Sunday, July 17, 2011

A great post by a good friend of the bloggers:

Child Advocate Network - Something called friendship

I was re-reading the introductory chapters of “Too Small to Ignore” by Dr. Wess Stafford today and was re-inspired (is that a word?)

The passion and clarity with which Dr. Stafford, Compassion International’s President writes was just what I needed today! I was looking over my lists of things to do, planning the upcoming weeks, making calls, and writing emails. Some days it all becomes too routine and I find myself prey to discouragement and simply not in touch with my calling at Compassion.

But, gratefully as I read over the pages, I was indeed “re-inspired”!

Children matter to God. Immensely.

I matter. He created me for a purpose and has designed me to reflect His glory.

God has a plan. It includes me!

I may not have my own children… but every child I come in contact with is a “divine appointment”. I have an opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives - here in Canada - and in the developing world and be the love of Christ to them.

My nephew, Samuel and I LOVE spending time together and we’ve become great friends. Some of our favourite things to do are treasure hunting, going for walks, and making pizza. I am incredibly grateful that I have the blessing of being an influence in his life and letting him know he is loved and he is valuable! Recently he left me a message that said: “I love you and I love that you are coming to me, to my house Auntie TT.”

Wess Stafford writes…”When the pathways of our lives and our children’s lives blend together, when we get into their world and bring them into ours, the result is something called friendship. We go far beyond the responsibility and the role of guardian; in fact, we are no longer aware of when we ‘playfully’ enter their world or ‘deliberately’ include them in ours. Instead we genuinely like being with each other. This is child discipleship at its best.”

Be encouraged…. and remember, God wants to use you in the lives of children!

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