Monday, July 25, 2011

The ministerial work

The ministerial work must be carried on diligently and laboriously, as being of such unspeakable consequence to ourselves and others.

We are seeking to uphold the world,
to save it from the curse of God,
to perfect the creation,
to attain the ends of Christ’s death,
to save ourselves and others from damnation,
to overcome the devil,
and demolish his kingdom,
to set up the kingdom of Christ,
and to attain and help others to the kingdom of glory.

And are these works to be done with a careless mind, or a lazy hand? O see, then, that this work be done with all your might!

The passage above is from Richard Baxter's classic work entitled The Reformed Pastor. Baxter, throughout the book, raises our awareness as to the importance of the ministerial role. This passage indicates the significance the calling of pastor has in the mind of this Puritan. And we should regard the office no less. We should expect our pastors to engage their work with the seriousness that is commiserate with the job list above. But, we should also regard them as such who do this work. We should regularly pray for them, encourage them, and love them. Let's hold them accountable and let's hold them close to our heart.

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