Monday, September 12, 2011

What a charge

 Richard Baxter to his fellow ministers of the gospel:

It is the Church of God which we must oversee – that Church for which the world is chiefly upheld, which is sanctified by the Holy Ghost, which is the mystical body of Christ, that Church with which angels are present, and on which they attend as ministering spirits, whose little ones have their angels beholding the face of God in heaven.
Oh what a charge is it that we have undertaken! 

And shall we be unfaithful to it? 
Have we the stewardship of God’s own family, and shall we neglect it? 
Have we the conduct of those saints that shall live for ever with God in glory, and shall we neglect them? 

God forbid!

Baxter, Richard. The Reformed Pastor. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 2001. Print.

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