Monday, November 14, 2011

Promoting the life of faith through examination

Another means to be used diligently for the promoting the life of faith is examination of our state and ways according to the Word, whether we be at present 

in a state of sin and wrath, 

or of grace and salvation; 

that, if we be in a state of sin, we may know our sickness and come to the great Physician while it is called today;

and, if we be in a state of grace, we may know that we are of the truth, and assure our hearts before God with greater confidence, by the testimony of a good conscience (1 John 3:19, 21); 

that so our hearts may be more strongly comforted by faith and established in every good work;

and that, if our ways be evil, we may turn from them to the Lord our God through Christ; without whom none come to the Father (Lam. 3: 40; John 14:6).

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall
(line breaks mine)

I am of the opinion that we do not examine our 'state and ways' as often as we should. At least, we don't examine ourselves in light of the Word. We either make a lot of assumptions about the state of our heart and actions, or if we do examine ourselves, we use man-made standards instead of God's standards.  Both of these routes will lead us into peril. But this should not dissuade us from a serious search of our inner life to see if we 'be in a state of grace' or 'if our ways be evil'.

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