Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surprised by Oxford

My wife recently met the author of Surprised By Oxford who kindly gave her a copy of that same book. I found the endorsements intriguing and began reading the book which quickly heightened my interest. Here is the description of the book to be found at Amazon:
A girl-meets-God style memoir of an agnostic who, through her surprising opportunity to study at Oxford, comes to a dynamic personal faith in God. Carolyn Weber arrives for graduate study at Oxford University a feminist from a loving but dysfunctional family, suspicious of men and intellectually hostile to all things religious. As she grapples with her God-shaped void alongside the friends, classmates, and professors she meets, she tackles big questions in search of love and a life that matters. This savvy, beautifully written, credible account of Christian conversion follows the calendar and events of the school year as it entertains, informs, and promises to engage even the most skeptical and unlikely reader.
I have really enjoyed the book so far. It is with some envy with which I read the descriptions of studying at Oxford and there rises sensations of nostalgia when the author mentions her time spent in London, Ontario and the University of Western Ontario which I share with the author as a hometown and an alma mater.

Perhaps I will blog some more on the book later, but for know, here was an insightful quote:

No individual, by the very state of existence, can avoid life as a form of servitude; it only remains for us to decide, deny, or remain oblivious to, whom or what we serve. (5)

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