Saturday, March 3, 2012

D. A. Carson and Leon Morris on the wrath of God

Leon Morris: Those who object to the conception of the wrath of God should realize what is meant is not some irrational passion bursting forth uncontrollably, but a burning zeal for the right coupled with a perfect hatred for everything that is evil. It may be that wrath is not a perfect word to describe such an attitude, but no better has been suggested, and we must refuse to accept alternatives which do not give expression to the truth in question. Perhaps there is a certain anthropomorphism involved in the use of the term wrath, but it must not be forgotten that 'A false anthropomorphism is to be laid to the charge not of those who maintain that there is, in the Biblical sense of the word,such a thing as the wrath of God. Rather it is to be laid to the charge of those who encourage the idea that God is like an easy, good-natured, benevolent man.' We sometime find among men an affection which is untempered by a sterner side, and this we call not love but sentimentality. It is not such that the Bible thinks of when it speaks of the love of God, but rather a love that is so jealous for the good of the loved one that it blazes out in fiery wrath against everything that is evil. (Morris, Leon. The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1965. Print. 209)

D. A. Carson:

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