Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An indefensible position

Scott Oliphint, in his book The Battle Belongs to the Lord, emphasizes that God has revealed himself to mankind in such a way we will, on the Day of Judgment, be without an excuse or defense for our suppression of the knowledge of God. Oliphint than considers the implications of this for the apologist, that is, for every Christian:
This is good news for Christians as we continue to prepare ourselves to do apologetics. We are aware of the fact that people have designed elaborate philosophies and theories in order to avoid the clear knowledge of God that is both within them and evident around them. We know that opposition to God is not silenced. But, Paul tells us here, all of these philosophies, all of these theories, all of the objections lodged against the knowledge of God, amount to nothing in the end. All opposing positions are indefensible.

... No matter how intimidating, or how articulate, or how sophisticated they may be, the arguments raised up against Christianity are not capable of a reasoned defense ...

Of course, when we step back and think about it, we know this to be the case, if we are Christians. We know that Christianity, and Christianity alone, is true. We know this by the grace of God, not by our own wisdom. But we do know it. Any position, therefore, that stands opposed to Christianity is necessarily false. And a false position is false, in part, because it is unable to deal with the way things really and truly are. A false position or statement attempts to say something about the world that is simply not true or real. (128)
This should give the Christian a confidence-boosting shot in the arm and a gratitude-expanding surge in the heart. Christianity leaves its detractors without excuse and its believers without a philosophical rivals!

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