Monday, July 9, 2012

Spurgeon a continuationist?

Well readers, that was the longest break from blogging that has occurred since this blog started several years ago. It was unintentional. We had a tough week with having to put our dog down being part of the difficulties. That being said, hopefully there will be no more unscheduled breaks for quite some time.

To get this ball rolling again, I thought I'd post a quote by Spurgeon that is sure to raise some eyebrows. I came across this quote at Peter Cockrell's blog and he gives credit to Rick Ianiello:

Spurgeon on prophecy – may be?

CH Spurgeon a continuationist? His words from Sword and Trowel …

Our personal pathway has been so frequently directed contrary to our own design and beyond our own conception by singularly powerful impulses, and irresistibly suggestive providences, that it were wanton wickedness for us to deride the doctrine that God occasionally grants to his servants a special and perceptible manifestation of his will for their guidance, over and above the strengthening energies of the Holy Spirit, and the sacred teaching of the inspired Word. We are not likely to adopt the peculiarities of the Quakers, but in this respect we are heartily agreed with them.
It needs a deliberate and judicious reflection to distinguish between the actual and apparent in professedly preternatural intimations, and if opposed to Scripture and common sense, we must neither believe in them nor obey them. The precious gift of reason is not to be ignored; we are not to be drifted hither and thither by every wayward impulse of a fickle mind, nor are we to be led into evil by suppositious impressions; these are misuses of a great truth, a murderous use of most useful edged tools. But notwithstanding all the folly of hair-brained rant, we believe that the unseen hand may be at times assuredly felt by gracious souls, and the mysterious power which guided the minds of the seers of old may, even to this day, sensibly overshadow reverent spirits. We would speak discreetly, but we dare say no less.
(HT: Rick Ianniello)

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