Thursday, October 25, 2012

For what doth he intercede?

Puritan pastor James Durham, in his monumental work on Isaiah 53, addresses Christ's intercession as our Mediator. In his book entitled Christ Crucified: The Marrow of the Gospel in 72 Sermons on Isaiah 53 Durham delineates what Christ intercedes for:

For what doth he intercede? In general, for all that is conditioned to him in the covenant, for the behoof of his people; he prays for the fulfilling of all the articles of the covenant as: that all the elect, who are not  regenerate, may be regenerate, and made believers; that many through his knowledge may be justified; that they that are regenerate, and believers, and by faith have betaken themselves to him, may be justified,  pardoned, and received in favour, friendship, and fellowship with God; that believers may be keeped from temptation; that temptations may be prevented, and they made to persevere, that Satan may not make their faith to fail them, as he designs; that they and their prayers and service may be accepted; that the fruits and supplications that they present, and put up in his name, may get a hearing; that they may be armed against the fear of death; that they may be carried on in the gradual advances of sanctification, to the end of their faith,  the salvation of their souls; that they may be glorified, and be where he is, to behold his glory. In a word, he  intercedes for every thing needful, and for everything promised to them, his intercession being as broad as his purchase.

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