Thursday, August 22, 2013

Excerpts from introduction of Church Discipline

I have recently finished reading Jonathan Leeman's excellent book on church discipline aptly titled Church Discipline: How the Church Protects the Name of Jesus. I have gleaned some important ideas and quotes from the book and here I share those that come from the Introduction:
  • "Church discipline, both formative and corrective, is an implication of the gospel." (17)
  • there is no a formula for formal church discipline, but a theological-framework is suggested
  • in regards to details concerning discipline, we must not demand certainty and specifics where none is offered
  • God's Word provides BROAD guidelines
  • Church discipline is loving, showing love for:
    • the individual - giving a warning, encouraging repentance
    • the church - weak sheep are protected
    • the world - can better see Christ's transforming power
    • Christ - upholding his name, being obedient to his commands
  • "By abstaining from discipline...we claim we love better than God loves." (23)
  • Churches should practice discipline because it:
    • is biblical
    • is an implication of a well-rounded, robust gospel
    • is concerned with promoting the health of the church and its members
    • clarifies and shines church's witness to the world
    • warns sinners of greater judgment
    • protects the name and reputation of Jesus
  • "Church discipline, fundamentally, is about making sure that Jesus' representatives on earth represent Jesus and not someone else." (24)

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