Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quotes from Expository Preaching Plans and Methods

Here are a few quotes from F. B. Meyers book entitled Expository Preaching Plans and Methods (Meyer, F. B. Expository Preaching Plans and Methods. London: Hodder and Stoughton. 1910) They come from the first chapter; A Plea for the Expository Method.

"THE one supreme object of the Christian ministry is to preach Christ, and Him crucified." (3)

"Our ministry also must be cruciform. The thought that our Master was crucified must never be far from our thoughts. Not primarily as teacher, prophet, wonder-worker, or social reformer, but as having been slain from before the foundations of the everlasting hills ! Christ, and Him crucified," the apostle said." (4)

"All the great churches of Europe are cruciform, and all our living and preaching must bear witness, first of all, to that which we also have received, "how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures."" (4)

"Similarly, in preaching, there are two, not one, in every pulpit where the true ideal is realized." (6)

"The ministry, therefore, which is most carefully based on Scripture and honours Scripture and saturates itself with Scripture is the ministry which the Spirit of Truth can cooperate with in the most perfect abandonment." (12-3)

"All we are advancing now is, that the more carefully we keep to Scripture, the more
of Scripture there is in our sermons, the more we deal with the whole tenor of the Word of God, the more probable it is that we shall supply the Holy Spirit with those arrows which He knows so well how to use, launching them into the hearts of sinners for their conviction, and the more we shall supply Him with the pure milk of the Word for the feeding of babes and the strong meat for the upbuilding of mature character." (13)

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