Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reading about preaching

In 2010, God willing, I will be reading several books on preaching in general and expository preaching in particular. The books I have lined up are as follows: by D. M. Lloyd-Jones, Preachers and PreachingBetween Two Worlds by John Stott, and Expository Preaching: Plans and Methods by F. B. Meyer. Along with these, I am also planning on reading Christ-Centered Preaching by Brian Chapell.

I am endeavoring to read these books for several reasons.

1) I do, on occasion, get the opportunity to speak to church groups. Though often I am asked to speak topically, the rare request would allow me room to preach and do so expositorially. Additionally, even in a topical address I believe the skills and methods of expository preaching would be of great value to me. This type of preaching is pretty-much non-existent in my denomination and thus i have not had much exposure to it. However, I hope to learn and incorporate this method and the associated skills.

2) I believe, as I first heard from John Piper, that I should preach the gospel to myself every day. I should also, I believe, be preaching the gospel to my family, my friends, and anyone else who would listen. I believe the skills and methods associated with expository preaching would help me even in this type of 'preaching'.

3) I want to learn to think about and wrestle with Scripture the way that expository preachers do. I have come to appreciate this type of preaching via the many resources available for download on the internet. If these books will help me investigate and explore Scripture the way that these preachers do, than I can't help but benefit.
4) Finally, I have been encouraged to do so by people who's opinion I value.

I will be sure to post up, as always, on these books and their impact on me.

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