Monday, September 20, 2010

A Poem by my daughter

The following is a poem by my eldest daughter. She produced this for her grade 7 school assignment. I am very impressed. "Of course", you say, "you're her father". Fair enough. But if you knew my family, you'd know how perceptive she was in picking ideas that we stand for and selecting things that symbolize who we are and what we do.

The most profound insight she made, in my opinion, was associating herself with the pool fence. Ena is very motherly and protective; she looks out for the younger ones' well-being more than you would anticipate for someone her age. For her to she herself in the fence was either an amazing "coincidence", or incredible insight.

Her focus on our faith and our family made me particularly proud.


Where I'm From

By Ena St. John

I am from sharp bladed hockey skates
from smooth nike swim suit
I am the fence guarding the pool
( Black, smooth, it feels and smells like rubber )
I am from the dandelions, roses, vines, far reaching grasses
the maple trees blocking the sun's light, birch tree,
two apple trees that feed the insects all summer.

I'm from Easter family banquets that fill you up all day
from Christmas day gatherings were I see all 12 cousins
from old grandpa Ray
from young cousin Jayla
I'm from Thanks Giving feast with steaming hot gravy
from babysitting every Wednesday
I'm from suck it up buttercup
and what you say is what you are

I'm from redneck country people and Christians
that go to church to learn every Sunday
I'm from London, Ontario
from the sinking boats that the waves crashed over.
the rushing through traffic to get to the game.


  1. That is amazing to me since I am far from poetic. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great poem, Jude. It's OK to be very proud of your children - they are God's precious gifts. This girl seems to have an insight beyond her years and the ability to put it into wonderful, lyrical words. A spiritual gift to be nurtured.
    Valerie Cherry (Rich's Mom)