Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 reasons why good theology is better than good medicine.

Now the final installment of the list...

#4 Good medicine can treat rock hard blood vessels on your heart to get rid of your angina. Good theology can take an entire heart of rock, make it soft and cause it to ache for something else - God. (Ez 11:19)

#3 Good medicine can help you out of your mother's womb. Neither good medicine nor good theology can get you back in. Good theology can get you 'born again' without that rather unseemly 're-entry' proposition being necessary. (See Nicodemus in John 3:4-7)

#2 Good medicine has many great physicians. Good theology only has one and his waiting list isn't very long. Walk-ins are accepted! (Luke 5:31-32, Rev 3:20)

#1 reason why good theology is better than good medicine...
Good medicine is good for your lifetime. Good theology is good for eternity.

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