Monday, October 31, 2011

Tullian on Colossians

Tullian on Colossians from Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Paul doesn’t teach doctrines in Colossians that we can’t also find in his other letters. What’s special about Colossians is not its doctrine; what’s special about it is its dimensions. Paul’s statements in Colossians about Christ are truly colossal—sweeping and immense, soaring beyond the boundaries of our understanding.

As we’ll see, this letter also has huge things to say about our sin and even larger things to say about the gospel and what it accomplishes. In Colossians, Paul is writing to show that Jesus is big, our sin is big, the gospel is big, God’s grace is big, and our rescue is big. There’s nothing small at all about the truths this book communicates. And the epitome, the crowning point of all this vastness, is the incalculable greatness of Jesus Christ himself. (63)

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