Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sanctification Through Imagination

The imagination-stretching images are God's way of sliding the spiritual defibrillator over the slowing hearts of sluggish Christians. The images are for Christians who are growing lazy and beginning to compromise with the world, Christian who are allowing their hearts to become gradually hardened by sin. The answer is a spiritual shock. It is God's way of confronting worldliness and idolatry in the church. When idolatry begins to lure the Christian heart, God reaches into our imagination with images intended to stun us back to spiritual vibrancy.
- Tony Reinke in Lit!

In this passage, Reinke is discussing the power of imagination and how God uses it in our lives, particularly through the book of revelation. His larger point in regards to books and their reading is that to "view imaginative literature as a genre fit only for the amusement of children is an act of spiritual negligence." We need to use, grow, strengthen, and stretch our imagination for the purpose of our sanctification if nothing else.

I recognize the truth of this concept. Last night, while reading The Count of Monte Cristo, my affections for Christ were raised as I read of reconciliation between some of the characters. The imaginative scenario presented by Alexandre Dumas caused me to reflect upon and rejoice in the reconciliation provided by Christ. It is unlikely that a newspaper or stock quotes or weather report would have the same effect. I have enjoyed and been edified by reading more fiction literature this year-more than I have read in a long time. And I'm appreciating the encouragement and instruction found in Reinke's excellent book.

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