Monday, February 6, 2012

Oliphint on the goal of theological study

... we should not succumb to the temptation to think that just because we are trying to be careful in our articulation of the person of the Son of God, the matters we are discussing have no practical import and we are attempting to exhaust what is altogether incomprehensible. We should keep in the forefront of  our minds that the driving force behind a proper articulation of the incarnation and of Christ was the hope that the church would know and understand him better, and in knowing and understanding him better, be better able to serve and worship him-both in life and in thought. (Oliphint, K. Scott. God with Us: Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2012. Print. 136, emphasis mine)

What Oliphint has touched upon here in regards to theological study on the incarnation is indeed true of all study on God related fronts. The hope is, and it should be the case that, careful work in these areas leads to worship and service in deed and thought. I contend that this is true, and depend on God's grace for the realization of it in my own life.

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