Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frame and Poythress

Well, I have allowed the blog to sit on the 1500th post for a couple of days. This was not intentional, unless you consider procrastination intentional. Post #1501 will not be groundbreaking or paradigm-shifting. I'll just make you aware of a wonderful resource for your edification and sanctification.

The Works of John Frame and Vern Poythress is a site which contents are exactly what they suggest. The site has a collection of resources from Frame and Poythress which includes-or will include-articles, ebooks, audio files, and course materials. This is a great gift to the body of Christ!

I have read two of Frames book: The Doctrine of God and The Doctrine of the Word of God. Both were excellent and the former title in particular had a huge impact that continues to this day. I thoroughly enjoy how Frame writes and I find what he writes to be significant. I have not read any of Poythress' books, but I have read numerous articles by him that have also been well-worth the time invested.

If you search "John Frame" on this blog you will see my interaction with the aforementioned titles.

Take a look at this site and enjoy!

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