Thursday, August 2, 2012

God is an anchor for knowledge

If it is the case, therefore, that all of us know God, and we know him by virtue of being created in his image (itself a metaphysical notion), then there is a universal, metaphysical ground for anything, and everything, else that we can know and do know. Given that all of us begin our cognitive awareness with sure and certain knowledge (of God), all else that we know will have that knowledge as its anchor. If we know anything, it will be consistent with that knowledge. It would be impossible for us to know something, therefore, that in any way contradicted or contravened that essential, fundamental, metaphysical knowledge of God. Since God is the immediate, metaphysical fact par excellence, anything else that comes to us as knowledge will have that knowledge as its Archimedean point. (Oliphint, K. Scott. Reasons [for Faith]: Philosophy in the Service of Theology. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Pub., 2006. Print. 156)

A few things from this passage:
  • humanity has a ground for all its knowledge: God
  • this ground is true whether God is acknowledged or suppressed
  • all true knowledge is consistent with the fact that God is the Creator
We serve a mighty God who is indeed the epicenter of all things, including knowledge.

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