Monday, January 21, 2013

Helpers on their way to glory

In Lecture V of Charity and Its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards, the author discusses the outworking of charity in our relationships with one another. Charity, the author claims, disposes us to good to others. And of the ways in which we can do good to our fellow men, "Persons may do good to the souls of others, which is the most excellent way of doing good." With that in mind, consider the following excerpt (line breaks mine):
Saints, too, may be the instruments of 
comforting and establishing one another,
and of strengthening one another in faith and obedience;
of quickening,
and animating,
and edifying one another;
of raising one another out of dull and dead frames,
and helping one another out of temptations,
and onward in the divine life;
of directing one another in doubtful and difficult cases;
of encouraging one another under darkness or trial;
of promoting each other's spiritual joy and strength,
and thus being mutually fellow helpers on their way to glory.

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