Monday, January 14, 2013

Twenty tweets on reading from The Conviction to Lead

I am thoroughly enjoying, and being edified by, reading The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler. Here are twenty tweets (140 characters or less) from the chapter on reading entitled Leaders Are Readers: When You Find a Leader, You Find a Reader, and for Good Reason:
  1. ...there is no substitute for effective reading when it come to developing and maintaining the intelligence necessary to lead.
  2. Leading by conviction demands an even deeper commitment to reading and the mental disciplines that effective reading establishes.
  3. The leader learns to invest deeply in reading as a discipline for for critical thinking.
  4. Reading is like any other skill-most people are satisfied to operate at a low level.
  5. Develop you own rules and habits for reading, and don't worry about what some teacher told you tears ago.
  6. Reading is much more effective if the reader knows where the book is headed.
  7. If you find a book is not contributing to your life and leadership, set it aside.
  8. Think of reading as a silent but intensive conversation.
  9. Treat the book as a notepad with printed words. In other words, write in your books.
  10. The activity of marking your books adds tremendously to the value of your reading and to your retention of its contents and your thinking.
  11. Think of reading like you think of eating. In other words, pay attention to your diet.
  12. Should leaders read fiction? This is where many leaders admit uncertainty, but the answer is surely yes.
  13. Leaders need to read fiction for enjoyment, for learning, and for context.
  14. Leaders are ravenous consumers of historical biographies.
  15. There will never be enough time to read all you want to read, or even all you think you ought to read. Just keep reading.
  16. set aside segments of time devoted to reading and grab every spare minute you can find.
  17. I have found it helpful to plan reading projects.
  18. For some years now we have been warned that the book, specifically the printed book, is soon to be extinct. Don't believe it.
  19. ...the arrival of digital reading devices should be celebrated for what they can add to a leader's reading.
  20. Those who would lead with conviction must read with conviction.

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