Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All I have known is grace

I have really been enjoying a song from Sovereign Grace Music off of their album Sons and Daughters. The album is described at Sovereign Grace Music as such:
"These songs are meant to direct our attention to the unfathomable love God has shown us in adopting us through Jesus Christ (Eph. 1:5). We are now part of God’s family—in Christ we will forever be the objects of God’s particular and passionate mercy and love. That biblical reality, rather than leaving us focused on ourselves, drives us once again to proclaim the greatness of the God whose grace turns hopeless rebels into precious children."

Here are the lyrics :

"Completely Done"

What reason have I to doubt
Why would I dwell in fear
When all I have known is grace
My future in Christ is clear

My sins have been paid in full
There's no condemnation here
I live in the good of this
My Father has brought me near
I'm leaving my fears behind me now

The old is gone, the new has come
What You complete is completely done
We're heirs with Christ, the victory won
What You complete is completely done

I don't know what lies ahead
What if I fail again
You are my confidence
You'll keep me to the end
I'm leaving my fears behind me now

By Jonathan Baird, Ryan Baird, and Rich Gunderlock as recorded on the album Sons & Daughters.

One line that keeps coming back to me is "When all I have known is grace". Really, that is the sum total of my experience in life; God's gracious hand depositing on me an unfathomable and incalculable weight of compassion and mercy. It didn't, and doesn't, always seem so in the moment, but hindsight partially and Scripture definitively make it clear that this is the case.

You can download the song for free here.

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