Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Fourfold Salvation by A. W. Pink

I found an interesting article on by A. W. Pink entitled The Fourfold Salvation. I plan to provide several posts from the article, the first of which is this one which deals with the introduction of the article.

Pink admonishes the reader to pursue God through study, particulary the study of our salvation:
The subject of God's “so-great-salvation” (Heb. 2:3), as it is revealed to us in the Scriptures and made known in Christian experience, is worthy of a life's study. Any one who supposes that there is now no longer any need for him to prayerfully search for a fuller understanding of the same needs to ponder: “If any man think he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know” (I Cor.8:2). The fact is that the moment any of us really takes it for granted that he already knows all that there is to be known on any subject treated of in Holy Writ, he at once cuts himself off from any further light thereon. That which is most needed by all of us in order to a better understanding of Divine things is not a brilliant intellect, but a truly humble heart and a teachable spirit, and for that we would daily and fervently pray, for we possess it not by nature.


  1. Amen. Let us daily seek for a humble heart and teachable spirit! Good quote.

  2. The fact that we constantly need air, water, food, and sleep in order to live physically, I think points to the fact that we are not sufficient unto ourselves naturally. I believe everything we can learn about things physical should point us to spiritual truths. We cannot get by without the sustaining nature of prayer, meditation, and consumption of the word of God.
    Very good post Jude. I'm looking forward to this series. Thanks,