Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fourfold Salvation by A. W. Pink - Salvation from the Power of Sin

Salvation from the Power of Sin

As we continue to work through the A. W. Pink article A Fourfold Salvation, we come to the third aspect of our salvation which is
Salvation from the Power of Sin. Pink writes,
This is a present and protracted process, and is as yet incomplete. It is the most difficult part of our subject, and upon it the greatest confusion of thought prevails, especially among young Christians. Many there are who, having learned that the Lord Jesus is the Saviour of sinners, have jumped to the erroneous conclusion that if they but exercise faith in Him, surrender to His Lordship, commit their souls into His keeping, He will remove their corrupt nature and destroy their evil propensities. But after they have really trusted in Him, they discover that evil is still present with them, that their hearts are still deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, and that no matter how they strive to resist temptation, pray for overcoming grace, and use the means of God's appointing, they seem to grow worse and worse instead of better, until they seriously doubt if they are saved at all. They are now being saved.
Pink goes on to some extent about the application of this aspect of salvation from the believer's standpoint. "What, then is the young Christian to do? Is he powerless? Must he resort to stoicism, and make up his mind there is naught but a life of defeat before him? Certainly not! " For Pink, there are several things the believer must do:
  1. The first thing for him to do is to learn the truth that in himself he is “without strength.”
  2. Next, we can strengthen and develop the new nature by feeding it through the Word, allowing it to breathe through prayer, and exercising it by walking with the Lord
  3. Finally, we must also starve the old nature by abstaining from everything that would stimulate our carnality including carnal entertainment, and worldly friendships
These are responsibilities on the human side of salvation from the power of sin.

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