Sunday, October 31, 2010

Preaching on Satan ... on Halloween!

I'll be at High Park Baptist Church in Toronto this morning filling the pulpit while a good friend who pastors there is taking a break. They are working through their statement of faith and have thus entitled a 12 week sermon series Sacred Seeds. I was invited to help out and was able to preach last week on the Holy Spirit and will preach on Satan today.

How does one preach about Satan. Following a tip from C. J. Mahaney I heard in a sermon of his, you can handle this "hot" topic properly by teaching about Satan from the Bible and while you do that contrast the devil with our Champion; Jesus Christ.

One resource I appreciated in preparing for this sermon was a sermon by Mark Driscoll. Though I never actually listened to the sermon, I read the transcript. Perhaps it would be good listening for a Halloween day: Jesus Casts Out Demons

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